THE WOMAN DIES She dies to provide a plot twist She dies to develop the narrative She dies for cathartic effect She dies because no one could think of what else to do with her Dies because there weren't any better story ideas around Dies because her death was the very best idea that anyone could come up with I've got it! Let's kill her off Yes! Her death will solve everything! 'Okay! Let's hit the pub!' And so the woman dies The woman dies so the man can be sad about it The woman dies so the man can suffer She dies to give him a destiny Dies so he can fall to the dark side Dies so he can lament her death As he stands ming with grief brimming wit h life the there brim man lies there in silence Thevw n dies for him We e woma watch it happen We read about it happening We come to know it well neoyorzapoteca The Woman Dies Meme

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