A t- Clg Saint 77 points 8 hours ago The entire reason I was benched from Clg is because in Korea hotshot brought up he wanted to live In a gaming house and I said I refused to live in a gaming house with him More words were said Becca told me to calm down and hotshot tried to punch me I was sober throughout all of this Its sad clg try to promote their image more instead of showing an honest truth in the documentary permalink report give gold reply A t-1 Hotshot GG 47 659 points 7 hours ago No the reason you got benched which we explained in vivid detail is because you were toxic to the team environment Not only that you had the worst attitude AND you were a man child It had nothing to do with not wanting to live in the gaming house EVERYONE cept me did not want to live in the gaming house initially not just you There's multiple instances where you would get drunk the night before the match skip team discussions after tourne losses which everyone participated in except you Right before we were about to call you I stopped myself and said guys are you sure? THE whole team cept jiji who didn't want to take part reassured me that you needed to go for NONE of the reasons you stated Can't believe you fucking lie this hard dude you're pathetic As far as the documentary goes it had nothing to do with image and I'm sure someone from production will address that tomorrow permalink parent report give gold reply APPLY COLD WATER TOBURNED AREA League Drama -near Meme

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