The Yakking Wakko 20 minutes ago edited Another fan theory is that many characters are choosen by a member of the Greek pantheon pewdiepie was chosen by Poseidon Sven was choosing by Aphrodite Joergen one and two were the two attempts of Hermes and so is ulla Brita water sheep in literally Dionysus coming down to earth is sheep form and his consul is his maenads Sven's bf was choosen by Apollo and so was boat cow and all the djs there son was blessed by Zeus the first Ikea bird was chosen by Hera the second one was chosen by Hephaestus because he's a Beautiful invention burnie was chosen by ares the bone Joergens were chosen be hades his farming villagers were chosen by Demeter the foxes were Artemis and the peepeepoopoo army was chosen by Athena let's get this theory going Made a fan theory in the comments of another video then I thought it would be cool to put it here so heres a screen shot of my theory it’s got some work to do but it’s a ok theory all said Meme

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