THE ZULU RAMPAGE II The Virgin Bloke gets to use magic has thousands of ancestral deities to choose from plunders and desecrates the uses spears and clubs literally crushes foreigners mysterious creator god too aloof to be worshipped uses advanced slaughtered enemies throws nasty tea in the fucking woods weaponry with bare hands uses manners unironically drinks tea keeps fighting after getting shot a dozen times badge of valor skin is so pale runs around in the sun all wears helmet to prevent sunburn wears blood as day chasing wild beasts a just runs at the enemy really really fast prays reads bible coat is red to hide blood marches in decorative uniform orderly units cowhide shield deflects canonballs at point blank range probably a needs boots mercenary to walk anywhere no shield war as a religious experience has trained every second of his life for the thrill of getting killed in battle was ritualistically circu msized with a sharp rock in order to become a real man foreigners are obviously inkwenkwe has never worn shoes in his entire life The Virgin Bloke VS The Zulu Rampage Meme

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