theamazingsallyhogan: brunhiddensmusings: howdoyoulikethemeggrolls: yeahiwasintheshit: madroxxordam: bandit1a: ogtumble: October 14, 1977, Anita Bryant is pied for her antigay bigotry at a press conference in Des Moines, IA. It was 40 years ago today… Never gets old. 40 years on and it still is gratifying Anita’s still alive and kicking and being anti-gay. Thom Higgins, who threw the pie when he was 27 – and was poetically from Beaver Dam – passed away 17 years later at 44. Info on his life is here. The pie throwing was a big deal. In an age before the internet let gays feel connected, and long before ACT UP, the pie showed small pockets of gays that we could fight back. it showed that gays were human beings, who might be in the room with you, that you had been accepting as being equals and treating as people. you didnt suspect them as bieng gay, why should you treat them different after? do they become less human after finding out? i mean, its almost like you just found out they have an oppinion on your bullshit She was “pied” on TV.  All across the country, people got to see proof that the LGBT community weren’t going to just sit there and take it.  People who thought they had no choice but to stay silent saw a horrible woman get humiliated on live TV.   One of the best moments in television history.