@TheAnarchoRaver Proud boys are now selling clothing commemorating Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet who threw his political enemies from helicopters and brutally tortured them in dea th campS They are yet again openly saying that they would like to do this too NEW ARRIVALS MAKE CO MMUNISTS AFRAD ACOMMIBS SCRAFT AGAIN QUICK VIEW CAORAA Ant-Cmmunist lexit hat preochetdid nothing wrong umited -shir Oiginal Pboyapl pins PINOCHET NOTHING WRONG THE HIV According to Peter Kornbluh in The Pinochet File routine sadism was taken to extremes in the prison camps The rape of women was common including sexual torture such as the insertion of rats into genitals and unnatural acts involving dogs Detainees were forcibly immersed in vats of urine and excrement and were occasionally forced to ingest it1015 Beatings with gun butts fists and chains were routine one technique known as the telephone involved the torturer slamming his open hands hard and rhythmically against the ears of the victim leaving the person deaf At Villa Grimaldi prisoners were dragged into the parking lot and had the bones in their legs crushed as they were run over with trucks Some died from torture prisoners were beaten with chains and left to die from internal inj execution corpses were interred in secret graves dropped into rivers or the ocean or uries1561 Following abuse and the-anarcho-raver CW graphic descriptions of torture far right threats of violence They would love nothing more than to round us up and do this to us and they’re very proud to let the world know that Stand up to these bullies! Don’t think that it couldn’t happen here! Meme

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