thebibliosphere Mark the electrician has been here for five minutes and he's already said well that'sweird twice from the other room and frankly I'm afraid to ask thebibliosphere It's not good when skilled tradesman are standing in the middle of your room pinching the bridge if their nose is it? thebibliosphere Mark just referred to the wiring in our bedroom as creative and interesting This is fine thebibliosphere And now he's taking apart the ceiling I'm not worried are any of you worried? I'm not haha it's not like this house was previously owned by someone who would do something stupid like try to wire their house themselvesor store tins of varnish under the furnace behind a secret alcove Ha ha Fuck thebibliosphere WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE'S NO NEUTRAL WIRES??!? thebibliosphere WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S GROUNDED INTO THE SCREWS HOLDING UP THE CEILING LIGHT???1?I thebibliosphere so yeah that probably explains one or two things do you want the good news? There's good news? The wiring itself is pretty good It's just been installed by a madman? yep that uh that about sums it up This is fine This is absolutely fine Source thebibliosphere The joys of second-hand homes Meme

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