thefingerfuckingfemalefury: julyrubyrose: kurly-fryz: biggest-gaudiest-fish: paddysnuffles: zooophagous: g0dziiia: makilikesflowers: An angel Wtf bats swim Omfg Here’s another little-known bat fact: Orphaned baby bats are often swaddled tightly like teeny burritos to mimic being cuddled by mom and help ease separation anxiety. They also seem to find pacifiers soothing. I’m pretty sure I’ve posted on this before, but there’s always someone who hasn’t heard about this before. Plus, I’ll happily take any excuse I can to post cute baby animal pics (especially when they’re wrapped like tiny furry burritos) :) !!!!!!!! MUST REBLOG !!!!!!!!!!!!! I….I’m speechless. Some good batpreciation :D