theghostboy things i say that confuse and worry my coworkers happy birthday every time i hand them something well that's not ideal whenever something is going wrong we are in the timeline that god abandoned whenever i'm mildly inconvenienced can't you see that your fighting is tearing this family apart? whenever two or more coworkers are arguing refering to taking medication as eating medicine time to go back to prison! when putting animals back in their cages referring to inanimate objects as she particularly when i break something and say oh no he's dead this concerns them especially when i follow it up with that's not ideal what are they gonna do fire me? dwarvesandrobots work in a blood bank and constantly refer to blood types as flavors such as Oh you need two units? What flavor is he? And my older coworkers just look at me confused but my coworker that's my age doesn't miss a beat and responds A Pos Meme

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