thegoddesscirclenet FBthegoddesscircleara A QUEEN WILL NOT PLAY GAMES SHE KNOWS THOSE THAT PLAY ARE NOT WORTH HER TIME ARA Registration is now open for my upcoming online Relationship Empowerment journey click link in the post or go to wwwthegoddesscirclenet for more details A Queen will not play games she knows those that play are not worth her time A Queen will not jump up and down trying to get the attention of those that choose not to see her she has too much self respect and dignity A Queen will not compete based on lies and half-truths she is too clever for this A Queen does not talk ill of other Queens for her heart loves all her sisters A Queen will not tame her wild nature or accept scraps she knows she is worthy and deserving of a feast A Queen honors her heart and feelings she hears the wisdom and guidance that whispers from her soul A Queen will not silence her voice or her truth she knows the world needs her powerful medicine A Queen does not settle for a Joker for she knows that her heart deserves a true ruler to stand beside her equal A Queen claims the divine crown forged from her own unique medicine and gifts and places it where it rightly belongs She wears this crown proudly for she is deserving A Queen embraces the truth that is hers alone and rules from her sacred throne She leads her realm justly for all around and within her is sacred ~Ara ✅LAST WEEK to register for my upcoming online Relationship Empowerment & Sacred Love Journey starting April 1 2019 It's time to break up with toxic patterns and open to a deeper soul love ✅Learn more here httpsthegoddesscirclenetresl The Goddess Circle Meme

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