theothersideofthechair Man Hi can I get a haircut? Me You can but you' re going to have to wait for half an hour Man Oh no its okay I'11 just take whoever's available Me No one is available right now It's going to be a half hour wait Man Oh its okay just give me whoever can take me right now Me There Is No One Available To Give You A Hair Cut Right Now Man what do you mean? Me rapidly losing patienc have a colour and my coworker has a Perm We are both busy and there is no one else in the salon So if you'd like to take a seat we can fit you in in 30 minutes e I to wait Me Then I suggest you make an appointment and come back and you won' t have to wait Man So there's no one available right now? Me COMMUNITY GUIDELINES This image has been removed for violating one or more of Tumblr's Community Guidelines GIF by samisoffthewall the-last-hair-bender This is so much fucking funnier with the gif removed And he was never seen again Meme

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