thepuppymastermind Me consuming media dealing with werewolves okay but if you're gonna lock yourself in that basement during your transformation have you thought of including some enrichment?? How about a treat ball or a frozen Kong?? What are your thoughts on sniffing out treats artisanscribbles Good god the rampant destruction makes so much more sense now! The wolf has no mental stimulation so its starts destroying things because its BORED weasow yeah hey you ever try an agility course or a treadmill? remember a tired werewolf is a well behaved werewolf Source thepuppymasterming 36 139 notesW nonasuch theunvanquishedzims Werewolves are stereotyped as ravenous monsters because the transformations burn so many calories that they're essentially starving afterwords The more controlled werewolves are just the ones who figured this out and loaded up on calories beforehand whereas the wild ones assume it's part of their wolfish nature to hunt and eat whatever's nearby The transformation back burns calories too but by that point they're exhausted from running around in the woods all night not to mention the physical strain of two transformations And filthy people showing up at Denny's in the early morning are assumed to be hungover so the ravenous beast idea is applied only to the wolf half sorrygodlol are you suggesting people who eat at denny's are essentially werewolves aridotdash not just essentially Source theunvanquishedzims 64 567 notes Werewolves Meme

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