There are castles that are less expensive than NYC apartments Ultrafactstumblrcom lesbian-moira brunhiddensmusings greatfulldedd pizzaismylifepizzaisking legend-of-sora kazu-kuns-corner ultrafacts Source If you want more facts follow Ultrafacts I’m buying a castle httpswwwmoulinnlenrealestatecastle-for-sale-france-midi-pyrenees-gers-32_102909 Update The castle as of April 2015 is actually only around $1300000 USD now due to the currency exchange rates! D this goes even further some European countries will give you a castle for free if you submit a plan stating how you intend to restore or preserve it Italy alone for example has somewhere between 100 and 300 castles they intend to give away to anyone with intent to be a caretaker they literally cant keep track of how many discount castles are up for grabsit doesn’t even have to be an ambitious plan even if it says you just intend to keep it from becoming more shitty and will occasionally add a few bricks when you can afford it given that most of them come with land you could convert the grounds to actually produce enough income to pay for the repairs- like setting up apple trees and brewing cider you sell with your castle name on the bottle or raising some goats for cheese a hobby farm could turn this into an actual income opportunity hell throwing parties at the castle could make it an income opportunitythey will literally -GIVE- you a castle to make sure someone is taking care of it rather then let them all sit empty Meme

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