There can be no divided allegiance here Any man who says he is an American but something else also isn't an American at all We have room for but one flag the American flag We have room for but one language here and that is the English language and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people Theodore Roosevelt We are going to politically correct ourselves out of a country First and foremost America First isn't some kind of dark ideology American CITIZENS should be our first priority Every country that has taken in a mass of immigrants are starting to admit it wasn't the best idea I don't want what's happening in Germany Switzerland and France happening here But the poor women and children have you actually paid attention to the fact that the overwhelmingly majority are young-middle aged men? 99% have no plans on assimilating Then there are illegal aliens as well Wanting our country safe actually enforcing immigration laws does not mean I hate anybody trump donaldtrump potus hesyourpresident travelban terrorism terrorattacks waronterror radicalislam cair georgesoros liberallogic refugee norefugees rapefugees migrants immigrants immigration illegalaliens illegalimmigration ICE buildthrwall secureourborders lawenforcement partner @thought_criminals Meme

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