There is no God but God and Muhammad is the messenger of God Sunni There is no God but God nd Muhammad is the messenger of Go Rd Ali ts his iceregent Twelver There is no god but God and There is one God Muhammad is the messenger who lives in of God and God has no everything Sufi viceregent'' Kharijite but There is no god The current God and He can viceregent of God is change His an Anglo-Indian aristocrat named the mind Kaysani Agha Khan Ismaili The angel Gabriel made a mistake Ali is the messenger of Muhammad was the messenger of God God oi God but only in the Age of Alexander speaks to Now is the age of the fire The current every lords Qarmati vice regent of God Shi'ite The Fatimid directly lives in a castle and emperor was smokes hash Bazighi the promised Imam of Time God is a trinity of Muhammad Ali and The Imam of All souls unite Salman the Time with the cosmic Persian Syrian Alawite returned in mind after the 2007 to fight cycles of Ali is God Americans in reincarnation Najaf end Druzi non-existent Shiism memes Meme

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