There is no point in cluttering up a thread with unnecessary comments that have already been made simply add an upvote and move on 291k Reply whatshamilton 18h S 1 Award Sometimes the thing you want to say has already been said and it would be silly to fill up the comments with redundancies Simply add an upvote and move on 88k DookieSpeak 17h S 1 Award I agree it's so redundant to keep commenting the same another comment Like seriously what you said is so legit correct I would never make a longwinded comment just to agree with someone while adding nothing new to the discussion Simply upvote and move on like you said So true thing in agreement with 45k 12aiko 16h S 1 Award Insanely accurate there is no point in posting same arguments over and over about the same topic For real having that truth spoken I shall never speak in regards of agreement with such stranger while feeding the thread no further Basically its an upvote and move on just as stated before Indeed not false 29k Is0669 16h S 1 Award I have a similar opinion on this topic If it's already been said what's the point in saying it again? In most cases if you enjoyed a post but your opinion has already been stated the best option is to upvote the post and move on 22k bulletdiety 16h S 1 Award There are few things I agree with more There's nary the need for redundancy If what I wanted to say has already been said why would I ever waste my time restating it? It's already been brought up Just drop an upvote and move on 18k upvote Meme

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