There is nothing Noble in suicide I'm sorry for your loss but suicide is not the answer Downvote me mates t-117 Reply Sacrifice is what Jesus did Suicide is when you're too cowardly to carry your cross over the finish line t -38 Yes very Christian to sound a warning so dire that an eternity of separation from God is being risked so he can impress a single generation of forgetful children You don't know where you are nor where you came from and you say I'm the filth You are cheering on a murder You are the KKK at a self lynching Don't do this Don't cheer for a suicide Hope for life man 4 -3 So a quick dangle from the ceiling then huh? He's just going to go over to the rope store and then hang around until someone close to him who has no idea finds a stinking corpse traumatizing them for life? Such heroism A man with terminal cancer chose to end his life early so that he could donate his uninfected organs to those who need them This was the one truly negative response Meme

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