There is something you need to know bout me If I DON'T like something that means I AlN'T like it and I really mean it bout it and that's is bad additude or lied for loving me but if you being nice with me without being faking it l'Il be nice with you but if you don't you're OUT of here if you don't know how to get out let me make a point fingers through your faces if you want that I can shows ya which way it is!so take a note which means put that inside your head or you want me to write it down for ya so you can remember it if you want that I can do that for ya I even can posted for ya!!! So stopped F words with me!So if you want to call me an idiot or bla bla bla I don't give a crap about it! Thank you I'm sorry if I talk like this deep down inside of mel don't want to but if someone pissed me off you got one serve you right! Something that I spent too much time reading Meme

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