There was a Who Worked palace This is what love about this movie and its writing These two their story is amazing He was this servant boy who wanted to be a part of the glittering royal world Anastasia's world at the very least but then he risked his life to save her this princess who had never acknowledged his existence or even really knew of it He stood up to armed guards to save her and her grandmother and could have died for it But then he thought it had all failed and she had died with the rest of her family and he turned into this bitter man who would cheat almost anyone for anything And then during a con he falls in love with a girl he barely knows who he doesn't really care about at first who he just plans to use for money and then dump afterwards Then she turns out to be the princess His lost princess!! Even though she can't remember anything about her life before the orphanage she starts to remember and he is the first thing she remembers about her early life But then she doesn't even realize it's him at first wish l could write this well because it's such a beautiful story And to the people who don't like the movie because it's not historically accurate it doesn't claim to be in any way Its more based on the legends that surround the story of Anastasia than anything else and its plain and simple fiction Beautiful fiction but fiction #writing Banastasia amazing storyline #someone make me write like that Meme

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