There's been a lot of questioning whether you need a mentor or books virtual mentors to be successful Here is a list of famous people and their mentors 1 Steve JobsRobert Friedland - Founded Apple 2 Albert EinsteinMax Talmey - Developed the Theory of Relativity 3 Stephen HawkingsDennis W Sciama - Developed Theories of Black Holes and Quantum Physics 4 Mark ZuckerbergSteve Jobs - Created Facebook 5 Bill GatesEd Roberts - Created Microsoft 6 Bruce LeeIP Man - Martial Artist 7 Warren BuffettBenjamin Graham - Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway worth over $500 billion 8 Jeff BezosBill Campbell - Created Amazon 9 Conor McGregorJohn Kavanagh - MMA Fighter 10 Andrew CarnegieThomas Scott - Industrialist Expanded Steel Industry 11 RobinBatman - Fought Evil Super Villains 12 Michael JordanPhil JacksonDean Smith - 6 Time NBA Champion 5 Time NBA MVP 13 Oprah WinfreyMary DuncanMaya Angelou - Highest Rated Talk Show 14 Sam WaltonL S Robson - Created Walmart 15 Jay ZLyor Cohen - Started Roc NationSteve n 16 Martin Luther King JrBenjamin Mays - Led Civil Rights Movement 17 Will SmithMuhammad Ali - Actor and Producer 18 Barrack ObamaFrank Marshall Davis - Former President Of The United States 19 Tom HanksRawley Farnsworth - Actor and Filmmaker 20 Denzel WashingtonSidney Poitier - Academy Award Winning Actor 21 Larry PageSteve Jobs - Co-founder of Google 22 Bill Hewlett and David PackardFrederick Terman - Started Hewlett-Packard 23 Marc BenioffLarry Ellison - Founder and Chairman of Salesforce 24 Michael DellLee Walker - Chairman and CEO of Dell 25 Jack DorseyRay Chambers - Founded Twitter 26 Kobe BryantMichael Jordan - 5 Time NBA Champion 4 Time NBA MVP 27 Nikola TeslaSir William Crookes - Famous Engineer and Inventor Invented the “Tesla coil” All I've got to say is look at the top and do some research to find out for yourself People lie but the numbers don't Look at the numbers and below is a list of facts you can check yourself if you don't believe that Meme

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