There's no such thing as a winning team tonight Hell's Kitchen Starter Pack I need the fucking garnish! IT'S RAW!!1! PITTSBUR Apparently Becky can't cook a steak! She fucking sucks! fucks up five orders of steak in the next dinner service* Fucking communicate!!!can't cook a scallop* The winning team is going to be on a yacht with me and Tupac while the losing team gets to clean the entirety of LA and eat chef Scott's ass like groceries Fuck off Jean-Philippe! You Belgian twat!! *male chef saying something sexist* Walking wellington in 1 minute! *1 minute passes* I need ten more minutes on that Wellington! Narrator It's the beginning of steak night in Hell's Kitchen and the Red Team has already set themselves on fire K RAROS gets fed chicken in blind taste test and guesses that it's peaches* STATION MEAT *extra dramatic music Borls IT'S FUCKING RAAAAAAAAAAAAW!!! Meme

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