They see each other once a year on Christmas For a lot of people who love Kanye now because of his shift in politics they can’t understand why his Day 1 fans like me abandoned him It’s quite simple There was a time when his music got us through That music - the old stuff - still gets some of us through But that’s why it hurts us so bad to see him in the condition he’s in now Anyway that’s for another time On the song Ultralight Beam on Kanye’s last good album 😬 Kirk Franklin said “You can never go too far when you can't come back home again” Man that lyric hit me For all of u putting pride 2 the side and going home for Christmas even tho your papa wilding or your mama wilding or your step mama wilding or your big sister wilding or your auntie wildingbless you May your presence bring unity and love to the family on that day Your reward is with God You can never go too far when you can't come back home again! And for those of u who need space this holiday take your space Your mental health is worth more Home is where the heart is and that can be anywhere you need to be - only you know that and may God guide you there Ya get me! Blessings beloveds - bless up ❤️ Meme

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