theyellowbrickroad Did I ever tell u guys about the time my ex legitimately thought he killed me with his dick??? theyellowbrickroad Ok so picture this I'm 18 and excited about sex trying out some new positions We are having sex in a pretty similar position to this And my pussy is so wet it might as well be a god damn Slip N Slide ok And he's pounding at it fast and hard but slips out and goes to go right back in But something is wrong He's about to enter The Wrong Hole And my eyes widen I go to shout noooo!!! But it's all happening too fast He thrusts right into my unlubed asshole and I scream like murder and leap right up onto my feet We had only been dating a couple of months at this time and there was something very important he did not know about me I am a chronic fainter If I'm in pain or if I see my own blood I will pass the fuck out I get real quiet and turn to him and say I am going to pass out He doesn't know I'm serious he thinks I'm just being emotional and he's like no baby come here but as he finishes that sentence i faint and my head ping pongs off my metal bed frame onto the wall and then finally my whole body falls on the ground He has never seen anybody faint before and naturally assumes I'm dead A couple minutes later I awaken to him sobbing into my naked chest Like this motherfucker really thought he sent me to the qrave with some accidental anal sex soorajmakhi SIMONE I AM YELLING katielittlejohn Joining tumblr was worth it just to read this I didn't make a terrible mistake 9 years ago after all The Wrong Hole Meme

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