They're even banning music channels that produce wordless electronic songs because nationalists like to listen to it Unreal totalitarianism xurious @xuriousmusic My entire YouTube channel has been banned for Hate Speech today Instrumental electronic music is Hate Speech now apparently #YouTube #Censorship #clownworld Boost LTE 1 63% 1149 AM t 15k Share 210 Just checked out the channel the name of his albums are called Revolt against the modern World Rise of the alt right Right wing youth Future fash Some of the songnames in these albums are called The caucasian mind white awake return of the right Death to traitors identity Evropa team White fight for western civilisation Idk about you guys but if there's a pattern im missing it s t87 The alt right always cries free speech as an excuse for their hate speech This guy got rightfully banned and should shut the fuck up OP is also a POS Edit As it seems OP from this post also thinks white genocide is a thing and is no stranger to Alt right Ideas why the fuck is this being upvoted? 9 Youtuber claims his wordless EDM is the reason for his ban and joins the “Youtube sucks” campaign Meme

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