They're stealing our jobs! Yes Gary with your highschool diploma Muhammad the neurologist is stealing your job Its only inevitable bruh you are not even close to Muhammad skill level and we cant fit you in the construction crew either because Josè does twice the work as you why should we reserve pay for the slackers and not give it those who want it need it and work for it more? The next ungrateful unmotivated american who opens they mouth around me bout to get a fat quesadilla thrown at they face by yours truly especially because my favorite local chinese place got shut down cuz the owner got deported and sent back “home” to an unfamiliar place he hasnt been since he was a kid while he had been living and operating a succesful business for over 10 years in America so i might throw some lo mein at you too if you try to step up ✌️-@thestupidamerican rp @satan Meme

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