They're trying to corner us! They are endeavouring to surround our group! An unspecified entity is making an attempt to achieve the goal of encircling our number of people or things that are located gathered or classed together so as to cut off communication or escape! Attention allied sold iers but I an IMCmilitia grunt am attempting to informyou that an undisclosed hostilething with distinct and independent existence is at this moment intime and atclose proximity to our location on this battlefield performing a vigorous or determined venture with the ult imate ta rget of occupying the three d imensional space surro un ding myself and my fellow IMCmilitia grunts for the purposes of ceasing the imparting or exchang ing of information by speaking writing or using some other medium in addition to preventing an act by our party of breaking free from confinement or control that said undisclosed hostile th ing would impose using rapid consecutive launched projectiles that degrade the performance of our force belowthe level needed tofulfilour mission! This is what I do instead of working Meme

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