thinking carnivorous plants 17th century god fearing christian scientists who bugs arnivorous hate that darwin guy about to face devastating news botanyshitposts birdsbugsandbones botanyshitposts i woke up in a cold sweat to make this #its 3am blease#i need to find that one quote from the one botanist who said that american pitcher plants were made by god to shield bugs from the sun#it was mentioned in one of the presentations i went to last week and i wrote down the dude’s name#in an incredible twist of fate the actual reason the pitchers existed……were much more sinister#carnivorous plants - @botanyshitposts Holy heck they what?! Things were wild in the old botany fandom so in the presentation where they talked about this they cited a book called “Plants of the Southeast” published in 1712 but I have not for the life of me been able to find a pdf of it at all but in the process of searching for it i accidentally stumbled across the dark underworld of modern creationists REALLY struggling to explain carnivorous plants stop calling them cursed they’re just hungry!!!!!!!!! Meme

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