This Bar Set Up A Wall For Cinco De Mayo And People Are Pissed NOT FUNNY Swipe left PERMANENT DRINKING CARD NAME ORLANDO ISABEL INS AR 065 Z88 472 Birth RIRES 0400 Reside Psabel Orlando N PROCESS C 1 US A 065788 4722 SRC0015 24 4397 THIS CARD ENTITLES THE BEARER TO ENJOY ONE FREE DRINK AT JOSE HENNESSEY'S CANTINA with the purchase of another ofequalor greater value one perpersonValid 5517only WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT 👈🏽👈🏽 This is NOTFUNNY!! This border wall and journey has claimed the lives of mothers fathers sisters brothers and friends Stop shitting on these narratives JUSTSTOP 👈🏽SWIPE LEFT for a glimpse of this unfortunate reality ・・・ Hennessey’s Tavern in Dana Point California set up an inflatable wall and anyone who reached the top received a “green card” — which they could exchange for a free drink People said the stunt was offensive to the struggle Mexican immigrants face 📷 Laycee Barragato Gibson Meme

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