This dog was bred to hunt bears Ultrafactstumblrcom ninjaspiderjuurouta ultrafacts vancity604778kid thespectacularspider-girl feministslayer musical-dreamer-of-love leadhooves ultrafacts kaylamariiie1993 diaryof-alittleswitch ultrafacts littlescooter52 ultrafacts For more posts like this follow Ultrafacts Source I still need to know what dog this is It is the Caucasian Shepherd Dog aka Russian Bear Dog This picture below is just a PUPPY Holy shit I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE NOW MOUSE THE REAL LIFE CLIFFORD! Level 1 Level 17 Level 35 I could literally ride this dog into battle and I would For anyone wondering that last pic is another awesome breed called the Tibetan Mastiff Fun fact Tibetan Mastiffs were often “paired” with Tibetan Spaniels The Tibetan Spaniel is a natural-born tattle tale and would run along monastery walls to keep an eye out for intruders Upon spotting someone suspicious they would go get the big dog N O Oh my God that is so cute Meme

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