This hen hatched a clutch of ducklings after accidentally sitting on the wrong nest of eggs The farmer said Hilda doesn't seem bothered at all the ducklings follow her around just as chicks would MEME TAPİCTURECOM more awesome pictures at THEMETAPICTURECOM advanced-procrastination gokuma roddaprime daysofstorm dalmonite “These are my children” “They look nothing li—” “LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL THEY ARE” for some reason I really like that she’s called Hilda This happened on my grandmothers farm when my mom was little baby ducks act a lot like baby chickens so in the beginning it wasn’t so bad the main problem is that baby ducks LOVE water but baby chickens get very very dead from it so you can imagine the mother hens surprise and horror the first time they go by the farm pond and ALL THE BABIES RUN TO THE WATER AND JUMP IN my grandmother had to come out of the house to investigate all the noise the hen was making The mother hen was clucking and screeching in distress and running circles around the pond while the duckies were having the time of their lives This happened a few more times before Momma hen was like FUCK IT YOU WANNA SWIM SEE WHAT I CARE and would sit a distance away watching them in the pond if the ducks ever abandoned any eggs my grandmother would always put it under that particular hens nest cause from then on she always knew how to deal with her “water loving” delinquent children BEST ADOPTED MUM “Half my children are fucking idiots but they’re my children and i love them” Meme

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