This is a letter Robin Williams wrote to the school of his child co-star after she was expelled for missing class to film Mrs Doubtfir Mrs Doubtfire July 1 1993 RE Lisa Jakub Dear Mr I haue spent the past three months orking on Mrs Doubtfire with Lisa Jakub I found Lisa to be a bright inquisitive and an eager to learn young lady She is charming and a delight A student of her caliber and talent should be encouraged to go out in the world and learn through her work She should also be encouraged to return to the classroom when she's done to share those experiences and motiuate her classmates to soar to their own higher achieuements Lisa also should not be denied the sociel learning experiences that come with High School and being a teenager I respectfully request that you reconsider your policy and allow Lisa the opportunity to work and attend school She is an asset to any classroom Best Regards Robin Williams THE META PICTURE srsfunnyRobin Williams Letter Meme

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