This is Betsy DeVos She wants to be Trump's Secretary of Education She thinks public school teachers are over paid She has never attended public school or state university She doesn't have a teaching degree or any teaching experience Betsy does not believe in public education Don't be like Betsy ther98 <p>I don’t know enough about DeVos to form an opinion on her personally yet and she may well be unfit for other reasons but she doesn’t have to learn or teach in public school to know it’s not working anymore than I have to work at the dump to know it stinks School choice reform has been an option we should’ve put on the table years ago because the reality is so many public schools are just failing and people should have a choice as to where their tax dollars go and how their children will be educated We could’ve had reasonable school reforms years ago if the unions didn’t insist on blocking everything because they’re so afraid of losing their bottom line It’s time to act like grown-ups have a real conversation about these things instead of just going “nee-ner nee-ner stoopid lady no like public school she dum!!!”<p> Meme

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