This is Dr Dennis H Klatt You probably never heard of him He is the American computer scientist who gave Stephen Hawking his artificial voice in the winter of 1987 at least 5 years before it would have been available Over 300 individual recording clips of Dr Klatts actual voice are what we heard when Stephen Hawking spoke' Dr Klatt knew Stephen Hawkings life expectancy was short so he completed the programming in record time Stephen Hawking was extremely grateful and sent Dr Klatt a personal letter of thanks and an invitation to visit him It was not meant to be Dr Klatt died of cancer less than a year later He had worked on the voice program while undergoing chemotherapy and ironically even after the cancer had taken his own voice Over the years every time Professor Hawkings voice technology was upgraded he was offered 'better' more natural sounding voices even one that was customized to sound like his original voice British accent included He always refused saying Thank you no my late friend Dennis voice IS my voice httpstcocsci9Dv2db Meme

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