THIS IS NOT EXOTICTHIS IS NOT BEAUTIFUL THIS IS NOT CULTURE! STOP ALL INVADERS THIS IS A MASK THAT POSES A THREAT TO OUR SECURITY! LIKE AND SHARE IF YOU WANT BURQA BANNED IN AMERICA! Top Fan 9 Scary!! Like Reply 1d Very scary I saw at least 5 together in Indiana a few years ago very scary and nervous Just wanted to be away from them It's just not right in America I'm sorry if that's what their beliefs are and culture is That is not ours and should never be accepted in this country 265 Like 2d Reply Replied 28 Replies This scares my Grandson We have no idea who is begin this mask 61 Like Reply 2d Replied 11 Replies This is a treat to our safety if you wear this in public in the USA you can be stopped and searched and required to remove this garb 55 Like 2d Reply Replied 7 Replies In my opinion This does appear to have evil under tones to it very scary and yes kind of goolish It appears to be anti-American Yes I believe it MUST be ban for it is a look that a lot of Americans dislike and don't want to see 74 Like Reply 2d The comments on this entire post disgust me From a 2M+ liked political page Meme

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