This isn't the first time Im going to be trying to draw a cartoon and be successful with it When I was in college I managed to get a comic strip in the hewspaper called Tgdoof On New Year's Eve our dog hoofie I wanted for Cheistmas butas acting all crazy bumping guess the Barbie Dee am housento ihings We found out thres On Christmas Eve we got to see you-knaw-who at least seven I didn Dear Ralph How's your breaktimes on the way home from Jotag Mine's been chureh Me and my brather got just fine exacily get what pretty tall order even fordays later hat Uncle Jack had put champagne in his dish but by hen it was too late čause folks had already put him to I GOT ANOTAER COPY OF THIS BO00sleep U NO MORE YELLOW Teal excited old Saint Nick WHOOPEE A TRUCK LOOK SANTA! SINCE WHEN TS A LOW FLYING CESSNA SANTA? MAYBE SANTA'S TRYIN TO TELL YOU SOMETHING SNOW RIGHT? HUSH NEVER MIND See you soon- Iddoof Igdoof was pretty popular with everybody at school but I don't think that could the transition to the larger comics world Nonetheless I picked up a basic sketchbook so I could get to work on some ideas for what Greg could do really make Wimp The Jeff Kinney Story Page 2? Meme

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