THIS MAN THINKS PUTTING VETERANS ON HOLD WILL GET RIDOF THEM VETERANS COM LIKE GET RID OF H Last month the Department of Veterans Affairs published its final rule granting full practice authority to three of the four advanced practice registered nursing specialties illogically excluding Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists CRNAs from the rule while at the same time confirming their qualifications and expertise CRNAs are well prepared to respond appropriately in emergency situations and already do so in combat areas for the Army Navy and Air Force and in Combat Support Hospitals The decision to exclude CRNAs is an affront to veterans who continue to endure dangerously long wait times for anesthesia and other healthcare services at VA facilities across the country Our veterans shouldn’t have to wait This situation is unacceptable shameful and extremely bad The solution to this problem should be a priority for Trump Administration veteranscomefirst veterans_us Veterans Usveterans veteransUSA SupportVeterans Politics USA America Patriots Gratitude HonorVets thankvets supportourtroops semperfi USMC USCG USAF Navy Army military godblessourmilitary soldier holdthegovernmentaccountable RememberEveryoneDeployed Usflag StarsandStripes Meme

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