This tiny five month old puppy is fighting for his life at the er vet in St Louis He was run over by a truck on Friday and left all weekend and finally surrendered Sunday night to rescuers He came through his surgery OK but his diaphragm was completely destroyed so his multiple veterinarian surgical team put it back together kind a like Humpty Dumpty We just changed his name to Nelson and we think Nelson is pitbull strong! He has a very long road ahead of him and still may require more surgeries for his badly broken pelvis The estimates are $4000-5000 to help Nelson and we truly appreciate all of the donations at this point which add up to be about $2000 Thank you for always jumping off the cliff with us because that’s the only way we can save dogs like Nelson since we are 100% donation-based Please send good thoughts to Nelson so that he can fight through this and he is under strict critical care at the moment Love MacEverythingIsCrossed Meme

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