Thoth From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia This article is about the Ancient Egyptian deity For other meanings of Thoth or of Djehuti Djehuty and similar see Thoth disambiguation Thoth 0oue tout from Koinē Greek ewe thốth borrowed from Coptic EwoyT the reflex of Ancient Egyptian dhwtjTHe is like the Ibis is one of the ancient Egyptian deities In art he was often depicted as a man with the dhwt Thoth head of an ibis or a baboon animals sacred to him His feminine counterpart was Seshat and his wife was Ma'at3 Thoth's chief temple was located in the city of Ancient Egyptian Hmnw lya'ma naw Egyptological pronunciation An Egyptian god called Khemenu god of the River Nile Coptic HoyN Shmunnote 1 Meme

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