THR Hollywood Reporter @THR The lawsuit says Johnny Depp screamed obscenities at the crew member and punched him twice in the ribs then offered him $100000 to punch back Johnny Depp Sued for Allegedly Punching Crew Member on Movie Set hollywoodreportercom IndieWire IndieWirealndieWire City of Lies location manager Gregg Brooks says Johnny Depp punched him and verbally assaulted him on set in Aprll Z01 Depp allegedly yelled at him Who the f*ck are you? You have no right to tell me what to do! Johnny Depp Sued for Allegedly Punching City of Lies' Location Manager During Filming indiewirecom Scott Weinberg @scottEweinberg oh what's that Johnny Depp hit a man so now you believe it? 7918_723 PM @ajplus Johnny Depp is being sued for allegedly punching a film crew member while drunk on the set of a movie about the murder of Notorious JRehling @JRehling Johnny Depp hits his girlfriend I don't think he's like that Johnny Depp hits a man Now he's facing some serious charges woke-up-on-derse whatever locks him up is still a win but holy shit believe women or eventually you’ll see it yourself Meme

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