Three WiFi Call 2358 17% X mobiletwittercom m 14h Search Twitter You act like a nice of narcissistic manipulative immoral unethical large whining babies who have adult sized tantrums when you don't get what you demand You have no respect for justice No respect for the law No respect for public decency No respect for sexual Log in Sign up 14h high places BUT we women see it for what it is A new form of male violence and power over women and you can fuck right off Because we will fight you every step of the way in your quest for domination You can beat us up every chance you get but we will win in the end boundaries t 3 1 53 1 t 2 51 14h 14h no respect for democracy as your groups wheedle and deal behind the scenes blocking off all forms of protest You have no respect for free speech because consistently you bully and harass anyone who fails to conform to your orthodoxy You are small dictators with You cannot have our sex We will not stand for your pretences to be women Men are NOT women and we will not put up with men invading our private spaces We owe this fight to ourselves and every daughter and granddaughter than comes after us NO TO GENDER IDEOLOGY 212 86 7 friends in 13h Wow! Yes to every word! 2i 3 51 15 This person was ranting about transgender people it was related to that feminist being attacked by a transgender Meme

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