Thursday Yesterday T had O plans and O gangs I could count on Now I have O plans and 1 I can count on but they expect gang me to prove Im a true member of their group by gaining muscles yifF 4 MILK Not like I have anything better to So now Im training I guess do in here so I stole some jugs from a cell neighbour I don't know what's inside but it's probably just water or something and free time to become buff Looking at some of all using how Im my in here it looks like T could really need that the guys I ihspected cell too Though they don't call it a cell for legal my really can be called one since it has nothing but a bed reasons single personal piece of furniture T went with a weight bench and a barred window Besides a blind spot of the camera a toilet a which I use to write in my diary this cell seems to be escape-proof I COULD cut through the bars with a stolen tool if I wanted to but then the guards would catch me before I can even say escaped Whatever Now I need to focus on my training again Greg the furry Part 71 Meme

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