THX LOG0 THEME Janes A Moorer 3 veices per srghtly detoned 丑丑丑 60 cach volle moves slowl 30 votces et random pitches between all voTces proceed dire to taigeT noTe ㄟㄧ一互 mf THX 35TH ANNIVERSARY #THXLtd EntertainAt35 smallest-feeblest-boggart taraljc aura218 spiderine yo-its-matt awildpaige doctordisaster goofy-ruthie popculturebrain THX Just Shared the Original Sheet Music for its ‘Deep Note’ for the First Time Look at this lad Image THX LtdThe Deep Note the distinctive synthesized crescendo that is THX’s audio trademark is one of the most iconic sounds in all of film For the effects firm’s 35th anniversary they’ve now shared the sheet music behind the sound thanks i hate it how dare you i love it I can hear this image and I’m crapping myself as is standard Can you imagine a choir singing this and how chilling that would sound The whoosh is in D Major! It got better in a capella please make this guy famous his talent is unmatched i just played the video and my cat sat straight up and looked like she’d seen a ghost that’s bc she did Meme

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