tikishirts if you're locked in a room with adam sandler and guy fieri and you have a gun with only one bullet who do you shoot gotitforcheap I shoot my gun in the air in celebration SoI'm in a ton of pain from my skates Like I'm breaking in brand new leather skates kinda pain but ya know I don't have leather skates I have Edeas Sooooooo I'm kinda worried I got the wrong size Like I needed a wide It's mostly in the ball of my foot but along the top of my foot as well And idk why I went from Riedells to Edeas and the heel height is a huge difference and idkI'd be chill with the pain if I knew it was normal and it would totally go away And I'm just worried I made a very expensive mistake hamilton fandom textpost tumblr clean funnymeme textposts mockingjay text jeremyrenner hawkeye avengers tumblrpost meme tumblr bandom patd panicatthedisco brendonurie clean funny funnypost music bands falloutboy clique top twentyonepilots memes joshdun tylerjoseph Meme

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