TIM il 3 Each candidate should note carefully the dates and hours as fixed on this official timetable for the examinations in ine s occur in the reproduction of this timetable by outside agenci he Commission will not be responsible for any r before the examination begins in the subject in which they first present th half an hour Junior Cycle candidates must indicate their final choice of subject not later than 15 March 2019 0806 UBJCT JUNE Ordinary Level F Foundation L H=High er Level -H& O WEDNESDAY Englis Common Level ocial & Poll al Edu ation Civic -H- Paper 1 inc incl incl Irish THURSDAY -O Irish I Thursday 13 June - F - H-Paper 2 Irish -H & O Geography Environmental and Social Studies FRIDAY - H & O -F Ma Mathematics Paper 1 Mathematics Paper 1 -H O -H Mathematics Paper Mathematics Paper 2 MONDAY 10 - Common Level Science - Common Level Business Studies TUESDAY 11 -H & O Technology -H& O Italian -H & O Ancient Greek - H & O WEDNESDAY French 12 History History - H Home Economics THURSDAY Home Economics -H 13 Religious Education - H & O German FRIDAY - H&O 14 Latin - H& O Classical Studies - H&O Technical Graphics Technical Graphics MONDAY -O 17 - H Materials Technology Wood - H&O TUESDAY Spanish -H &O 18 Metalwork Materials & Technology Metalwork Materials & Technology -O -H WEDNESDAY Music Listening Composing & General Study - H&O Jewish Studies 19 -H&O The start date for theC020 Examinations will be Wedn O HOr HO IOT Fuck you I have exams Meme

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