TIME TEACHES US THE VALUE LIFE HAPLACETOBARK Sorry I have been so erratic with my posts A huge workload & a beloved dog who is in her last days makes it difficult for me to write Taffy my 20 year old dog is blind deaf has cancer & is in renal failure I'm trying to spend some quality time with her & the heartbreak of saying goodbye is a tough thing She was my very first rescue when I started A Place To Bark 18 years ago Her story compelling & why I chose more difficult dogs behaviorally challenged dogs to work with early on I'll write more in length another day For now please know we are busy as always & my first priority is to keep the life cycle going So even though I'm not posting we are still taking dogs in from animal controls caring for them & moving them forward to adoption It's just been difficult to write the past few weeks with so much on my plate Much Love to you all Please know I think about writing everyday I'm just struggling a bit emotionally But I'll be back soon💕 This photo was taken 4 years ago when Taffy was 16 The quote Time teaches us the value of Life can also be reversed to say Life teaches us the value of Time Cherish Every Moment❤️ Photo Credit Joseph Frazz Photography #lifechallenges #findingbalance #iwishpetscouldliveforever #aplacetobark Meme

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