TIME TO FACE THE FACTS SEX BOTS ARE FEMALE GENOCIDE WHEN SEX BOTS ARE CELEBRATED AS THE FUTURE WOMEN ARE DESTINED TO BECOME PART OF THE PAST @XXWOMENAGAINSTSEXBOT & WOMENAGAINSTSEXBOTSTUMBLRCOM ricwulf blackan08 brett-caton Good god the paranoid delusions of these people! I don’t see some popular movement screaming “the future is MALE” Argh this just so fucking stupid I dunno I find this incredibly funny Think about the kind of person who would actually say this and it becomes clear that replacing them specifically with sex robots would be a net gain These are the people that are devoid of a personality They lack any and all depth The only thing these bitter women have to offer is sex the area that they currently hold the keys to men are expected to court women and a man’s consent is almost always assumed It’s even more apparent that it’s about maintaining control of this sphere when you look at birth control and how Feminists have opposed male birth control pills in the past They’re terrified that men will be able to get sex without them because without sex they’re nothing Meanwhile back in reality most women won’t freak out over this They might think it’s icky and be uncomfortable and I agree to a certain extent but they’re more than just sex and they know that They have nothing to fear because that isn’t all they offer Because women are more than their vagina 15 sex bots broke into my room and killed me on site idk what you’re talking aboutAlso they make male sex robots too but I see almost no one talk about that for some reason 🤔🤔🤔 Meme

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