Timeless classics disney shouldn't ruin DUMB0 LIO JungleBook underrated action packed disney movies perfect for live action adaptations I REASuru celticpyro Good point A lot of the problem with the movies Disney is remaking as “live action’ is that they’re not MEANT to be live action Many of them had a distinct use of art style talking animals and visual elements that simply don’t look as nice in a hyperrealistic medium no matter how well you apply special effects And a lot of elements are so fantastical that you’d need copius amounts of CGI to replicate it in ‘real’ life but you still wouldn’t get the same feel The digitally-rendered animals in The Lion King look awkward Dumbo looks nightmarish with his humanlike eyes Beauty and the Beast felt lackluster with its dull realism instead of the saturated animation Now Atlantis and Treasure Planet would work brilliantly in a realistic medium because it deals with mostly-human characters and visual effects in those movies would transition flawlessly into live action The alien creatures of Treasure Planet the pirate’s ships and technology would look beautiful if rendered into realism Atlantis would work even better with an all-human cast and their technology and it’d doubly work as a chance to cast nonwhite actors into lead roles Meme

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