Tina Vasquez @TheTinaVasquez Quick facts for the know-nothings who will tweet me today MS-13 began in Los Angeles The USs helped fund El Salvador's civil war including training death squads We funded the reason people fled the effects of which are still being felt and still causing people to flee 1818 1030 AM This! 👇🏽 Via @theunapologeticallybrownseries We don’t leave our countries because it’s fun - I left El Salvador because my mother & I were probably going to die if we didn’t & the civil war had tried us enough TPS saved my life TPS isn’t enough at all and we deserve better but it’s something and it’s necessary that we preserve it So be cautious of what you say & what you perpetuate I’m tired of the Central American - Salvadoran slander 🇸🇻 Check in on your TPS family & friends Text via twitter @thetinavasquez ProtectTPS SaveTPS TPS racism institutionalizedracism Meme

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