tkthegoddess okayysophia socialistexan warriormale dragonsrequiem whyyoustabbedme Men not being allowed to be emotional & rampant homophobia are the reasons men commit suicide 35x more than women… most men are given no outlet to feel feelings To the point that they kill themselves This is a strong man who has been pushed to his limit There is no shame in this man weeping just as there is no shame in getting comfort from his brother This does not make him any less manly or any weaker The strength in this video clip is stunningly perfectly manly to me @warriormale could you please chime in? Showing emotions ie crying shows that you’re human All humans cry I’ve seen very tough fighters cry Crying makes Men human WarriorMale For context NY Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham the player that is crying was brought to tears after seeing a teammate linebacker Johnathon Casillas sustain a pretty scary neck injury The player consoling him is the Giants Punter Brad Wing The two are close friends and were teammates both in college at LSU and then professionally on the Giants Odell is one of the best wide receivers in the league right now potentially of all time and a bunch of toxic men that did nothing with their lives won’t even let him have human emotion Imagine what they do to each other They only talk about mental health when someone finally dies Let people express their emotions This is important💋 Meme

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