TL Note Megumin just made an she might possibly say check but the use of the term here is wrong The only way this could be a legal is if this were blitz chess also known as Fast Chess However in this scene it is never declared they are playing Fast Chess and neither of the players illegal move in chess so it doesn't make sense that she would say checkmate move using clocks to time their turns in the game Source al are why Megumin did this is because the game was going to turn into a threefold rep By pulling this illegal move she is able to gain insight into Darkness's personality and un-mask part of her thus fulfilling her victory condition in a subtle and not-so-Megumin-ish manner To look at the picture more TL Note 2 The reason properly think of the chess board not as a game but as a battlefield Darkness's other options King which would have made her similar to her mother or to call Megumin out on were to take her making an illegal move which would have made Darkness look dumb since lol rules of war What Darkness chose to do was keep her pride and run away from a free victory Furthermore by placing her king behind a pawn instead of any other open tile Darkness shows cowardice TL Note 3 Alternatively read it like thiss aers laptop Well personally I think the symbolism in Megumin moving her king is that she wants to be buddy-buddy with Darkness Andthat Darkness moving behind the pawn is because he is afraid of Megumin's advances 9000 KonoSuba is about yuri and shit so the likelihood of aers being correct is somewhere Over TL Note 4 This scene is interesting because it raises the question of whether or not Megumin plays dirty in bed with Chomusuke 3 Checkmate Megumin you can't use Explosion magic in chess Meme

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